Linc believes that every person has a right to enjoy life in their own way, providing they don’t adversely affect the lives of those living and working around them.


We will work with partner agencies and residents to achieve safer, stronger communities, making our neighbourhoods a good place to live. 


How to report Anti-social Behaviour

Call us on 0800 072 0966

We need as much information as possible so we will ask you full details of the incident such as the exact date and time, contact details of any witnesses, etc. 

How we will handle your complaint

In order to tackle anti-social behaviour quickly and effectively, Linc will: 

  • Record details of your complaint
  • We will investigate your complaint quickly; we aim to contact you within 3 working days on any complaint and 1 working day if it is of a serious nature
  • Keep in touch with you throughout the process
  • Work closely with partner agencies
  • Explain what action we can and cannot take and why

What we can do 

In most cases, a simple visit by the Housing Officer to the other party will put an end to the nuisance being caused. However, where this fails to stop the problems, there are a variety of other interventions we can consider. These include warning letters, formal warning interviews and referrals to other agencies and Community Safety Partnerships. Dependent on the nature of the complaint, we may also use a number of other non-legal interventions.

More information

Unfortunately, there are some issues that we can not deal with, for example:

  • Children playing in their own gardens, play areas or streets, unless they are causing damage.
  • Lifestyle complaints such as flushing toilets, washing machines, vacuuming, babies crying etc.

More information and advice on dealing with anti-social behaviour and other housing related problems can be found on the Citizens Advice Wales website. Citizens Advice Wales provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities.