Supporting you and your family

We are there to help, every step of the way

Leaving your home and moving to a nursing home is a big decision. We know that it takes a huge leap of faith for individuals, and families, to put their trust in us to look after them or their loved one.

Our Admissions Liaison Nurse helps with the process of preparing and adjusting for the practical and emotional aspects of this major life time decision. She provides dedicated support to families through the admissions process and those crucial first few weeks, answering any questions or concerns. She ensures that all the preferences and choices that are important to the person moving into our homes are known by the staff, and reflected in the care plans.

We also have a dedicated Money Advice Team to help make informed financial decisions for moving into full-time care.

Encouraging activity

Leading an active life, both mentally and physically, is extremely important as it helps boost self-esteem and gives people an opportunity to interact with others. Our dedicated Activity Coordinator's regularly arrange a variety of activities, from cooking and barbeques, to arts and crafts, musical events and visiting entertainment.

Our homes have excellent links with the local community, including bringing local shops to the home for those who are unable to get out allowing them to enjoy some retail therapy. Activities are also arranged around our specialist sensory equipment, this can be used on a one-to-one basis as well as groups.

Fresh, homemade food

Whatever your circumstances, mealtimes are an important time in the day, and an opportunity for social interaction. The notion of the kitchen being at the heart of a happy home is something that’s not limited to a domestic kitchen. People who live in our homes choose whether they wish to eat in the dining room with others, or within the privacy of their own room. Our dedicated team of Chefs go the extra mile to ensure the nutritional needs of our residents are met. They use only fresh ingredients from reputable suppliers to ensure meals are to the highest standards, wholesome and appetising. Menu plans are designed around people’s likes and dislikes.

All special dietary requirements whether medical, cultural, religious or just personal taste are catered for. In addition to mealtimes, fresh fruit, homemade cakes and snacks are available throughout the day. We encourage family members to join us for meals and we also provide catering for birthdays and other special occasions.