Welsh Language Scheme

Welsh Language Schemes outline the measures that public bodies will take in order to provide services in Welsh.

Here is a copy of the current Linc Welsh Language Scheme.pdf [pdf] 112KB which received the approval of the Welsh Language Board under section 14(1) of the Welsh Language Act 1993 on 2nd June 2009.This is also available in Welsh - Linc Welsh Language Scheme - Welsh.pdf [pdf] 130KB.

Proposed Standards relating to the Welsh Language for public bodies

Welsh Language Standards

Welsh Language Schemes are going to be replaced by Welsh Language Standards in due course. A consultation document on 'Proposed Standards relating to the Welsh language' for public bodies was released by the Welsh Government on 6th January 2014. A copy can be read here - Proposed standards relating to the Welsh language.pdf [pdf] 419KB . This document forms the basis for the Welsh Language Commissioner's Standards Investigations and the Welsh Government's exercise to collect evidence to prepare a Regulatory Impact Assessment. The purpose of the Standards Investigation is to determine whether an organisation should be liable to be required to comply with standards and if so, what standards should be specifically applicable to them. The Welsh Language Commissioner will assess how the standards should be adopted by each body.

The first round of standards investigations began on 27th January 2014 and they are scheduled to commence for Housing Associations in round 3 which begins in May 2015. After the period of consultation has concluded, the Welsh Language Standards are expected to come into force and all Housing Associations will be expected to replace their current Welsh Language Schemes.

Annual Monitoring Report

Until the Standards become operational, public bodies are still required to implement Welsh Language Schemes and to submit an Annual Monitoring Report to the Welsh Language Commissioner. This is a self-assessment on how organisations are complying with their Welsh Language Scheme.

Please see below Linc's Annual Monitoring Report for 2013 which was reviewed by the Board on 27th March 2014 prior to being submitted to the Welsh Language Commissioner.

Annual Monitoring Report 2013 - Welsh Language Scheme - Final-English.pdf [pdf] 66KB

Annual Monitoring Report 2013 - Welsh Language Scheme - Final - Cymraeg.pdf [pdf] 85KB


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